*100% Denim ersax-shoes-institutional Fashion style”



Comfort and durability are over a hundred years with only the clothes we are used to seeing in the denim fabric in our lives. However, this original fabric type, gaining an indispensable part in our life with different usage possibilities. Different designs can be implemented easily thanks to its special structure and design, the durability of denim can be used for a long time.


Ersax with many years of experience in the footwear industry, which has never been done with this special fabric denim and produced shoes for the first time in the world. Most original design was able to implement the denim and took place in foreign markets with more than thousand kinds of products.

Both women completed the elegance of both men’s jeans Ersax Shoes, met with interest and enjoyed in many countries around the world use.


This extraordinary innovative products, turning in high customer satisfaction at the same time creating a new fashion.  Ersax deep-rooted experience in exporting and ongoing advanced R & D work, unique in the world becoming more and more popular, and adds an important brand value to this product.


Ersax Shoes produced with Denim, a candidate to are becoming the new favorite brand of smart casual wear by connecting our daily life…